Group Registration Form
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Please use this Group Registration form for registering two or more participants in the Programme. Group registrants are entitled to 10% discount on the Programme fee.

Fill in your contact information first (first four entries since you are registering for your participants.)
Then enter each participants' details in the "Participant" boxes using this format: 


Mr,Lim Soo Heng,12345678,

If you have 5 participants, then fill in 5 boxes, like this:   

Mr,Mr Lim Soo Heng,12345678,
Miss,Tan Heng Heng,12341234,
Dr,Chan Ah Beng,22334455,
Mrs,Pang May Loong, 5566.............
Mr,Mohammed Salleh,............

* indicates required
1,Mr Lim Soo Heng,12345678,
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